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ROAST DATE 14 DECEMBER 2022 - This coffee is available for a limited time only. The first 10Kg in black packaging.

BRANDI stands for Brazil and India. This blend combines opposites: Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, traditionally famous for its excellent coffee, and Robusta coffee beans from India, a country that until now has rarely made headlines for its excellent coffee. Quite unjustifiably, we think ...


Flavor: Hazelnut & spicey chocolate
Roasting: "craft roast"

BRANDI BLEND (Brazil / India)

The nutty flavor of spicy chocolate is unique. In addition, this blend impresses with its wonderful crema. Responsible for this are the Robusta coffee beans, which have reached the level of a specialty coffee through their special production and thus bring a very special flavor. This is a real rarity for a Robusta coffee! So an unusual marriage all along the line, and that's what we love about this blend: opposites that attract and together harmoniously create a new whole.


A very special highlight of our Specialty Coffees are our three "special blends" that combine coffees from different countries and continents. Why?

  1. They are exclusively available only from us, because we have developed them ourselves.

  2. Behind every blend is a special idea (the big concept!).

  3. Through intensive tastings (cuppings), our blends combine the aromatic highlights of the origin.

»craft roast« Our blends are roasted by hand. The aim of our roasting is the complete and balanced development of the coffee bean. This coffee can be drunk both as espresso and filter coffee.

Click on the country names for more information about our farmers from Brazil and India!


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Click on the country names to get more information about the farmers!

Specialty Coffee Farm Brazil|Specialty Coffee Farm India

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