About us

passion for coffee & fairness to the farmer

The start-up from Frankfurt/Main stands for two passions:
Premium-quality coffee & absolute trade transparency.

My very first contact with the world of specialty coffee came when I studied & lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for a year in 2011. Through my studies in "International Business Administration" I got into the world finance of Frankfurt and Chicago, where I dealt intensively with Latin America. The years as an investment banker gave me deep insights into the international economy.

Out of my passion for excellent coffee and my personality to get into details of things, I started to learn about the production and origin of coffee. My good knowledge of Spanish helped me to make direct contact with coffee farmers and thus get a look behind-the-scenes. From 2014 to 2021, I ran a café and catering business in Frankfurt besides my work in the finance industry.


André Näder während eines Zwischenstops auf dem Weg zu einer Kaffeefarm in Santander (Kolumbien).


It quickly became clear to me that things are not running smoothly in the current world order of the coffee trade: The margins of the thoroughly lucrative business get stuck with the many middlemen, while the farmers who run their small plantations with great passion and dedication often barely have enough to survive ... or even earn enough to invest in modern technology and training.

This could not be the future. I personally wanted to be part of trading really good coffee at really fair prices. So I looked around and discovered that there were already people and structures that valued fairness and transparency in the coffee trade. I joined this international community, learned, expanded my network, and finally founded my own label, farmersvaluefirst, in 2017:

  • Selected premium coffees from three different continents.
  • Directly from passionate coffee farmers I met personally
  • With self-developed, individual blends

Personal contact with all the people from whom I buy the coffee beans is particularly important to me. Therefore, when I am not in Frankfurt, I travel the world to get to know the processes of the individual farms and to actively participate in coffee production. I am particularly fascinated by the differences in the Specialty Coffee culture in each country, which always inspire me and provide fresh ideas. The change from the sterile offices of high finance to Backpack & Jeep and the willingness to engage with completely different cultures was one of the best decisions of my life. You can find more about my travels in my >Blog<.

Contact me, if you have any questions!
I am looking forward to enjoying really good coffee at really fair conditions with you.

Your André


farmersvaluefirst stands for transparent structures, long-term, personal partnerships at eye level and outstanding specialty coffee. Prices far above the world market price enable the owners of small coffee farms to invest in training, sustainable management, growth and consistently unique quality.


These are the pillars on which farmersvaluefirst is built:

  • Fairness
  • Premium quality
  • 100% transparency
  • Respect for mother nature
  • Innovation

Today, farmersvaluefirst coffees can be purchased directly in our Online-Shop from the headquarters in Frankfurt. For wholesale buyers (offices, gastronomy) there are special conditions. We are happy to name restaurants and cafes that are supplied by us. 

»Through our consumption we decide,
how people live on this planet.
Who buys coffee from farmersvaluefirst,
directly improves the quality of life of coffee farmers.«

André Näder, Founder farmersvaluefirst