Dr. Paulo Brazil Farmer & Coffee Intro


Brazil is famous for its coffee, but growing coffee at the Tropic of Capricorn (23°S) is not really possible because frost destroys the sensitive plants. This belief was firmly ingrained when Luiz Saldanha and his partners decided to found the Capricornio company and prove the opposite. Even if no one believed it yet - Luiz Saldanha was convinced that, due to climate change, coffee plantations at a low altitude (450 - 1,200 meters above sea level) could produce outstanding coffee.

Capricornio started the "Four Seasons" project with twenty passionate coffee growers from the southern areas of the Brazilian states of Paraná and São Paolo : they switched to modern and organic farming practices, used organic fertilizers, reduced Co2 emissions, and focused entirely on producing specialty coffee of the highest quality. The cold weather that sometimes prevails in the region ensures that the coffee plants respond by producing more sugar, which has a decidedly positive effect on the aroma. The small coffee plantation we work with is called Fazenda California.

Today, the vision has become a reality, and Capricornio's coffees are known worldwide for their quality and have won awards in the national Brazilian barista competition.


Dr. Paulo Cesar Saldanha Rodrigues, after whom our coffee is named, was one of twenty visionary coffee growers and also the uncle of Luiz, the founder of Capricornio. Dr. Paulo had taken over the coffee plantation in 2004, which had previously been used as a research center for the "University of California". He was the catalyst for profound changes and modernization at the plantation. Tragically, he died in a plane crash the same year, but his work is continued by his nephew Luiz.


  1. Farm
    Fazenda California
  2. Drying & Sorting
    Fazenda California
  3. Dry Miling (quality selection) & Export
  4. Transport
    MAERSK Line
  5. Import
    TSU trade
  6. Roast
    Farmersvaluefirst in Zusammenarbeit mit ausgewählten Handwerksröstereien in Holland & Deutschland (craft roast)
  7. Distribution


  • Taste: Hazelnut & cocoa are the predominant flavors in our fine Brazilian specialty coffee.
  • Origin: Paraná, Brasilien
  • Altitude: 450 – 1.200m
  • Varieties: 100% Arabica (Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Obatã, Topázio, Arara, Red Icatu, Grape (IAC 125), Acaiá, Ouro Verde, IAPAR and Mundo Novo)
  • Production: "fully washed" the coffee beans are hand picked, washed and double fermented. A particular goal is the constant improvement of quality, by continuously testing new processes. "natural" machine picked and dried in whole coffee cherry on sun decks.
  • Roasting: Our Brazilian coffee "Dr. Paulo" is a "craft roast" coffee. The decades of experience of small roasters in Holland and Germany gives this specialty coffee gentle acidity and full sweetness. The goal with roasting is to evenly and completely finish the flavor of the coffee beans. Depending on the degree of grinding, it can be enjoyed as filter coffee / French Press or espresso.
  • Price that the "Fazenda California" receives from us: average 100% above the world market price
  • SCA Rating: After its last harvest, the coffee "Dr. Paulo" received a successful 86.75 points out of a possible 100 in the SCA rating. Quality of green coffee according to sensory and physical criteria. These tastings are called "cuppings." As soon as a coffee achieves a rating of over 80 points, it is considered a "specialty coffee" - and that is an achievement of which the producer can be proud!This is the SCA rating scale:
    • 80 - 85 points: very good
    • 85 - 99 points: excellent "Dr. Paulo
    • 90 - 100 points: outstanding (less than 1% of the coffees harvested in the world receive this rank!) Read more here: SCA standards

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