Specialty Coffee "Tastings & Workshop"

Discover the fascinating world of specialty coffee at our exclusive NO-Filter Coffee Session! 

Specialty Coffee "Tastings & Workshop"

Welcome to a unique coffee experience from farmersvaluefirst - the bridge between exceptional coffee enjoyment and the world of specialty coffee.

Immerse yourself in our Specialty Coffee "Tastings & Workshops" and join us on a journey of unforgettable aromas and unique stories, inspired by our passion for specialty coffee.

With our NO-Filter Coffee Session, we bring an inspiring touch of premium quality, sustainability, and pure enjoyment to your events and team buildings.

Secure your spot for your Specialty Coffee "Tasting & Workshop" today, whether it's directly in your office or at a selected location, and experience coffee like never before!

Coffee tastings & workshop for events and team buildings

Why participate?

1. Experience Coffee Differently: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of specialty coffee and discover exclusive aromas and flavor experiences that elevate your coffee enjoyment to a new level.

2. Team Building and Employee Engagement: Enhance your team's dynamics and cohesion by participating in a unique experience that enriches not only your senses but also your collaboration.

3. Networking - Coffee Connects: Harness the unique ability of coffee to bring people together, expand your knowledge in an inspiring atmosphere, create shared memories, and impress coffee enthusiasts with your engagement.

4. Sustainability: Support fair trade practices and contribute to creating a more ethically valuable coffee world through your enjoyment of coffee.

5. Escape from the Everyday: Take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday work life and indulge in the pleasure of discovering new taste worlds.

6. Flexibility and Comfort: Enjoy the freedom to choose the time and location of your participation and experience a tailored and comfortable event perfectly suited to your needs.

Dates & Information:

Price and Optional Highlight:

* Starting from €20/h per participant
* Individualized gift starting from €6 per participant

Secure your spot for a 'NO-Filter Coffee Session'! Get your customized offer now!

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