Abba Olly Ethiopia (naturals)

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Sweet Jasmine & Honeysuckle - the flavors of this specialty coffee from Ethiopia already sound like a poem. It is produced by a man nicknamed " Abba Olly - The one who uplifts" because he fights with passion and integrity for improved living conditions and direct export. His coffee farm called Limu Kossa is a professional coffee plantation that is 100% certified organic.


  • Taste: Sweet Jasmine & Honeysuckle.
  • Origin: Galeh, Jimma, Ethiopia
  • Growing altitude: 1840-2130m
  • Variety: 100% Arabica (74165, 75227, 74140, 74110, 74112, 5227).
  • Process: washed
  • SCA Score: 85,75/100
  • Roasting: "craft roast" The aim of our craft roasting is the complete and balanced development of the coffee bean. Depending on the grind - our coffee can be used for espresso or filter coffee.
  • Compensation premium farmer: Abba Olly receives for his specialty coffee from us on average 100% above the world market price.

More information about Abba Olly and his farm, click here!


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