The Specialty Coffee Index SCOF

The Specialty Coffee Index (SCOF) and the ESG Specialty Coffee Index (SCOFESG)

We are excited to announce the launch of the world’s first Specialty Coffee Index (SCOF) and ESG Specialty Coffee Index (SCOFESG). These indices provide unique opportunities for investors to participate in the growth of the specialty coffee market while supporting sustainable practices.

Why were these indices created?

The Specialty Coffee Index (SCOF) and the ESG Specialty Coffee Index (SCOFESG) were created to provide access to the specialty coffee market, including both large and small companies. The ESG Specialty Coffee Index (SCOFESG) also integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

Index Methodology

SCOF and SCOFESG aim to capture the growth potential and stability of the specialty coffee market by including companies significantly involved in various stages of the coffee value chain, with a particular focus on sustainability and ethical practices.


The objective is to offer diversified and balanced exposure, reducing concentration risk while tracking the performance of key companies in the specialty coffee market. The indices are rebalanced quarterly, offering a unique investment opportunity in this dynamic and sustainable sector.

André Näder, founder of farmersvaluefirst, says: “With the introduction of these indices, we aim to provide investors and coffee enthusiasts with the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the specialty coffee market while making a positive contribution to sustainable and ethical practices in the coffee industry. These indices offer the chance to highlight the importance of sustainable coffee trade practices.”

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