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💌 A message from André, farmersvaluefirst

Welcome to Café Kyubang.

Here, you're not just offered specialty coffee of the highest quality, but also stories of tradition, love, and dedication. Every cup of coffee connects you with the farmer families and the countries where these unique, meticulously processed beans grow. By visiting Café Kyubang, you're supporting these special values and the people behind the coffee. Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey. Enjoy your coffee!

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Origin: WOMEN IN COFFEE, Brazil & SPECIALTY ROBUSTA, Indonesia (microlot)
Altitude: Varies by origin
Variety: Arabica and Robusta blended
Processing: Honey & Naturals
SCA Quality Cupping Score: Each > 85/100
Craft roast: Medium
Taste: Spicy Chocolate
Body/Acidity: rich/smooth

Highlights: Premium quality with an emphasis on equality, innovation, fairness & transparency.

A blend that emphasizes equality. BAMBUSA symbolizes quality and commitment to social change, focusing on women in the coffee industry. It represents the harmony between exceptional taste and sustainable cultivation. 

🌱 HEALTHII Decaf - Sugar Cane Decaffeinated, Colombia

Origin: 22 small farmers, Buesaco Region, Nariño, Colombia
Altitude: 1700-2200 m
Variety: Arabica - Caturro, Pink Bourbon, Castilla
Processing: Washed, DECAF SUGAR CANE E.A. Method
SCA Quality Cupping Score: 85/100
Craft roast: Light
Taste: Sweet Cherry, Rum, Chocolate
Body/Acidity: Balanced/smooth

HEALTHII Decaf is more than just coffee; it's a collaboration with local farmers who cultivate their beans with dedication. With the natural decaffeination process using Ethyl Acetate from "Sugar Cane", this coffee retains its flavors, offering a caffeine-free tasting experience. A symbol of community, quality, and ecological awareness.