Sapota India (fine robusta)

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The aromatic taste of spicy chocolate characterizes this Indian specialty coffee. A Robusta coffee that has the quality level of a specialty coffee: This is already a sensation. The second surprise: it comes from India, a country not exactly known for its coffee cultivation (wrongly, we think!). And the best part: the cultivation of this specialty coffee is done by a family according to the most modern agroforestry technics in a comprehensively ecological way.

The Venkids Valley plantation of the Nanjappa family is located in the southern part of India, in the mountains of the Coorg region, at an altitude of 950 to 1,150m above sea level. It is home to over forty different jungle trees that provide shade for the coffee plants. Spices such as pepper and cardamom, but also fruits such as oranges and avocados are grown here side by side with the specialty coffee. An amazing 50 to 60 species of birds and a wide variety of wild bees and insects are part of the balanced ecosystem.


  • Taste: Spicy chocolate
  • Origin: Coorg, (South) India
  • Altitude: 950-1.150m
  • Variety: 100% Fine Robusta. (Congensis, Old Peredinia)
  • Process: washed
  • SCA Score: 85,5/100
  • Roasting: "craft roast" Suitable for espresso and filter coffee. The aim of our roasting is the complete and uniform development of the coffee bean.
  • Compensation premium farmer: The Nanjappa family receives for their specialty coffee from us on average 100% above the world market price.

For more information about the Venkids Valley Plantation, and the Nanjappa's coffee, click here!


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