Fellow Atmos Vakuum-Behälter - 0.7l, black-matt

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The Fellow Atmos is an airtight coffee bean vacuum container made of sturdy steel in a minimal design. The integrated vacuum valve extends the shelf life of your specialty coffee by 50%. By simply turning the lid, the air inside is removed without your needing an additional pump. The 0,7l capacity is suitable for about 280g of coffee beans.


  • Aroma protection through sight and air tight storage
  • Signal display when vacuum is locked
  • Easy handling
  • Minimal design & solid workmanship
  • Capacity of 280g coffee beans


  • 700 ml capacity (suitable for approx. 280 g of coffee beans).
  • Made of stainless steel. Steel version is more durable and opaque protects coffee from UV light.
  • Integrated Vaccum Valve - by simply turning the lid back and forth, air is removed from the interior without the need for an additional pump.
  • Vacuum lock indicator - When the vacuum is locked, a green signal appears aud the lid of the container.
  • Easy release button - To unlock the container, simply press a button and the lid can be easily opened again.
  • Airtight silicone seal - Keeps out air, moisture and odors, and also prevents coffee flavors from escaping and extends its shelf life by 50%.
  • Excellent for storing loose foods such as leaf teas, nuts, granola, cookies, granola or candy.
  • Dimensions - diameter 11 cm, height 12,5 cm.


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  • Fellow Atmos 0,7l

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  • Brand: Fellow
  • Color: black-matt
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: diameter 11 cm, height 12,5 cm.

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