The "Adventure" Subscription for Specialty Coffee

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farmersvaluefirst Specialty Coffee "Adventure" Subscription

Embark on a coffee journey like no other with the farmersvaluefirst Specialty Coffee Adventure!

Your Coffee, Your Adventure:

Selection: Choose between 1 or 4 packs of 250g specialty coffee.

Flavor Variety: Experience a new, exciting coffee variety from our exclusive selection every month.

Highest Quality: Our coffees receive a minimum of 85/100 points according to SCA quality assessment, placing them in the top 10-20% worldwide.

Easy Enjoyment: Discover the diversity of coffee comfortably in your home.

Coffee Adventure: Each delivery alternates with a farmersvaluefirst specialty coffee selected by us, accompanied by essential information about its origin.

Subscription Benefits:

  • You automatically receive coffee from us every month.
  • Your Choice: Our specialty coffees are roasted for both filter coffee and espresso.
  • We add an extra 10% of your subscription weight.

Additional Perks

- Never run out of coffee beans - imagine!

- Savor transparency, sustainability, and a commitment to fair trade, directly benefiting farmer familie

Enjoy your coffee! ☕

farmersvaluefirst – passion for coffee & fairness to the farmer.

Delivery & Shipping

Your delivery includes:

  • Craftly roasted coffee in whole beans, in the size you selected.

Delivery Time and Shipping:

  • Delivery Time: 2-4 working days within Germany.
  • Shipping Day: 15th of every month.
  • Shipping Cost: €4.99 in Germany, free for orders over €33.