Bialetti Brikka 4tz espresso maker in black-silver

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✓ style
✓ high-quality
✓ innovative

The well-known Bialetti espresso maker in a new design. The one from "Brikka" is an aluminum coffee pot with a unique system invented by the manufacturer Biialetti, which allows you to make your favorite coffee in a wonderful consistency easily and quickly. With a special valve, it produces an espresso-like crema, which makes it our favorite of the Bialetti espresso makers.

To make a delicious coffee, all you need is this coffee maker, a coffee grinder, a good coffee and a few minutes of your time!


  • Cult factor
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • New 2020 design
  • Thicker crema due to new technology
  • Durability


The "Brikka" version, unlike the traditional one, is equipped with a more modern column and a new silicone membrane. It develops up to 1 bar higher pressure to produce an even thicker crema.

The Brikka retains the cult factor through the unmistakable classic shape of the Bialetti Moka Express, made in Italy in 1933, and since 2020 its new sweeping design effortlessly adapts to any modern kitchen.

This coffee pot made of cast aluminum with black plastic handle, impresses with its high-quality and robust workmanship and time-tested technology. It will serve you well for a long time.

With the 4 Tz model you can prepare 4 espresso cups at once.


How does the preparation with the Bialetti Brikka work?

  1. The coffee maker consists of an upper closed container, a filter and a lower container.
  2. Put the ground coffee beans into the filter, pour the water into the lower container up to the bottom of the safety valve and close all the elements together.
  3. We recommend a finer grind but a little coarser like the portafilter. In general, if it tastes too bitter, the coffee is ground too fine. If it is too watery, just grind it a little finer the next time.
  4. Put the coffee pot on the stove and wait a few minutes.
  5. The hot water flows through the filter into the upper container. As soon as the coffee stops flowing, it is ready and ready to enjoy!

For cleaning, we recommend rinsing the pot with clean hot water without detergent.


The delivery includes:

  • 1 Bialetti Brikka espresso maker
  • 1 measuring cup

Delivery time and shipping:

  • Delivery time: 2-4 business days
  • Shipping: free of charge


  • Brand: Bialetti
  • Color: black
  • Material: aluminum; plastic
  • weight: 800g

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