Toccto Peru Farmer & Coffee Intro

A family business that is FairTrade & Organic certified, passionately committed to building knowledge, and solely in control of the entire export process - that's a rarity! Unique fruity-chocolate flavors make this specialty coffee to one of our favorites.


It is extremely rare for coffee plantation owners to have complete control over their coffee beans from picking to export, but the Toccto family made it. They can directly influence every step of production and sales, and use the entire margin to further develop farming. Their farm called Churupampa is a social business model that the family has been able to expand step by step to more than thirty villages in Chirinos. The family uses their knowledge to enable neighboring coffee farmers to export specialty coffee and grow their coffee organically. Churu, by the way, means "snail," while "pampa" means "plain." The prices above the world market price the Toccto´s can get give them the financial space to grow new varieties, test new drying methods, and upgrade machinery. So much passion pays off: The coffee cultivation is certified organic and FairTrade.


Coffee is grown in lush rainforests at an altitude of 1,600 to 1,900 meters above sea level. The first exports can be traced back to British plantations, because Peru had given over 2 million hectares of land to the British as a debt repayment. Today, most of the plantations are in the hands of Peruvians, who are increasingly organizing themselves into cooperatives in order to work more effectively and to a higher standard. The Chirinos district is part of the San Ignacio province in northern Peru and especially in the US it is known for its excellent coffee.


  • Taste: An unusual fruity specialty coffee for South America: orange blossom & dark chocolate flavors complement each other to form a wonderfully harmonious whole.
  • Variety: 100% Arabica. (Typica, Caturra, Pache)
  • Production processes on the farm: "fully washed" hand picked, hulled, double fermented, washed, dried on sun beds. "naturals" the coffee beans are fermented and dried in their own husk directly after picking. "Anaerobic fermentation" fermentation of coffee beans in tanks or containers under exclusion of oxygen.
  • The price that the Toccto family cooperative receives from us: on average 100% above the world market. The additional income is being used to expand their social business model to other villages in the area.
  • SCA Rating: Our coffee from Peru scored 85.25 points (out of a possible 100) after the last harvest, making it one of the best coffees in the world. SCA stands for "Specialty Coffee Association." The SCA has developed a rating system in which the quality of green coffee is evaluated sensorially and physically. This is done in so-called "cuppings." If a coffee achieves a rating of over 80 points, it is considered a "specialty coffee" - and the producer can be proud of that!


  • 80 - 84.99 points: very good
  • 85 - 89.99 points: excellent »Toccto«
  • 90 - 100 points: outstanding (less than 1% of the coffees harvested worldwide receive this rank!) Read more here: SCA Standards


A process we witnessed live on our trip is called »fully washed«. The coffee is double fermented and washed. The processing is done by hand. The fermentation takes about 12 -24 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Drying takes place on "beds" which are covered by plastic during the rainy seasons. Otherwise, the quality could not be achieved in the very high humidity and heavy rain. The short fermentation time allows the coffee to maintain its authentic taste.


  1. FARM
    Finca Churapampa SAC (=the plantation of the Toccto family)
  2. Washing & Drying
    Finca Churapampa SAC
  3. Sortierung
    CAS Cooperativa Cafetalera Bagua Grande (in contract work)
  4. Export
    Finca Churapampa SAC
  5. Transport
  6. Import
    farmersvaluefirst in cooperation with TSU trade
  7. Roast
    farmersvaluefirst in cooperation with selected craft roasters in Holland & Germany (craft roast)
  8. Distribution


    Quote from Lenin Toccto Minga (manager of Finca Churupampa) in Peru: "Consistent quality control, separation by batches, and constant monitoring is elementary to ensure the quality of our organic coffee."


    The Toccto family has already been converting production to the production of high-quality specialty coffees since 2011 and is therefore already further ahead than many other partners in this region. Innovative farming methods, comprehensive quality control (every batch is tasted!) and quality checks by independent testing laboratories ensure that this specialty coffee reliably meets the highest standards. Every single batch from this farm is tasted (cupped) by the a team of this family business to monitor quality. In 2018, there were an impressive 4,000 samples. |farmersvaluefirst

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