Explore the world of specialty coffee: Join our NO-Filter Coffee Session as a team

Welcome to our NO-Filter Coffee Session!

Are you a team that loves coffee or simply curious about the journey of a specialty coffee bean from the farm to the cup? Then you're in the right place!

Our NO-Filter Coffee Session offers you an exclusive and informative coffee experience. Led by André Näder from farmersvaluefirst, an experienced professional with a background in international finance who has turned his passion into a profession as a coffee expert, we bridge the gap between the corporate world and the fascinating world of specialty coffee.


Whether it's a ritual, culinary experience, scientific project, cultural commitment, or simply for daily enjoyment and the occasional caffeine kick - coffee can definitely offer more than we sometimes think. In our NO-Filter Coffee Session, you will discover the various aspects of coffee that go beyond just preparation. Dive into the fascinating world of specialty coffee and explore how it can become a unique experience of enjoyment, exchange, and inspiration.


Explore the captivating world of specialty coffee together as a team. Our NO-Filter Coffee Session provides you with the opportunity to strengthen team dynamics, promote cohesion, and discover the diverse facets of specialty coffee. Immerse yourself in a world full of flavor, aromas, and intriguing stories surrounding coffee, expanding your horizons along the way.

Coffee Sessions at Frankfurt Coffee Festival


Coffee is more than just a beverage - it is a global phenomenon and often a central topic of conversation. With extensive knowledge about coffee, you can shine not only in your professional capacity but also on a personal level during meetings, events, and gatherings with colleagues and business partners. The opportunity to discuss such a fascinating and multifaceted topic as coffee, unrelated to your actual work, can leave a lasting impression and help build deeper personal relationships. Use this chance to strengthen your network and leave a lasting impact on your business connections. Coffee connects not only taste buds but also people in a truly special way.


We understand the importance of making your participation in our NO-Filter Coffee Session as convenient as possible, without adding any additional stress to your workday. Therefore, we offer you the flexibility to choose the preferred time and location, whether it's in your office or another venue of your choice. We take care of all the organization, including setup and teardown, allowing you to fully focus on the experience. Enjoy an unforgettable time with your team, without any hassle or extra stress. Sit back and let us handle the details while you dive into the fascinating world of specialty coffee.

Cupping and brewing table at a corporate event in frankfurt, germany


Indulge in a unique and sensory coffee experience as a team, providing a brief escape from the daily office routine. Our NO-Filter Coffee Session offers you a moment to refresh your thoughts and recharge.


As a special highlight, you have the option to purchase our "NO-Filter Specialty Coffee Set" for only €15*. The set includes a 100g pack of carefully selected specialty coffee from farmersvaluefirst, a professional tasting spoon, and a detailed handout that accompanies you during the session.

*Please note that the price indicated is per participant and exclusive of taxes.


Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of specialty coffee. Strengthen team spirit, enrich your company culture, and seize the opportunity to discover shared interests while exploring the diversity, flavor, and stories behind every drop of coffee.

Come with us on a unique journey into the captivating world of specialty coffee!


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