AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

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Specialty Coffee on the Road

You always made a face when there was no good coffee while camping and climbing, on the boat, on bike tours and especially on business trips? You want to enjoy perfect coffee even when fishing or on a club outing? These problems are a thing of the past with the AeroPressGo. The mini travel coffee maker is light and robust because it is made of sturdy polypropylene. We wish you a good trip(s) with lots of enjoyment!


  • Easy and fast preparation
  • Extra light
  • Compact dimensions
  • 350 filters included
  • Great gift idea for coffee lovers


THE solution for all coffee fans who want to enjoy really good specialty coffee on the go. The AeroPress Go is probably the smallest coffee maker in the world, because it fits in a coffee cup! (12x10x10cm). But even better, it brews great coffee! You can perfect it for your own personal coffee taste by individually varying the brewing time and water temperature. You can brew up to 237ml (yes, every milliliter of precious coffee counts with us!) in one go with the AeroPress Go. This mini filter coffee maker combines the advantages of a French Press, the filter method and a traditional coffee maker by pressing the water through a filter. This makes brewing an aromatic coffee quick and easy.

Gift idea for someone who has everything

This on-the-go coffee maker is the perfect gift for frahling lovers:indoors who travel a lot.

Super compact dimensions

  • AeroPress Go (the coffee maker only): 12cm x 9cm x 9cm.
  • AeroPress Go (the whole set in the cup, closed with lid): 14cm x 10cm x 10cm


Delivery Includes:

  • 1 Aeropress coffee maker
  • 1 coffee stirrer (foldable)
  • 1 coffee spoon
  • 1 cup
  • 350 paper filters
  • 1 filter container for on the go (for approx. 15 filters)
  • 1 red lid to hold the set together during transport

Delivery time and shipping:

  • Delivery time: 2-4 business days
  • Shipping: 3,90€ (free shipping from 33€ within Germany)


  • Brand: AeroPress, Inc.
  • Material: poly propylene, rubber
  • Dimensions: 12x10x10cm

Delicious specialty coffee to go with it here!